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Sens Fortress - Dark Souls
Things to see
Just after the entrance of the might fortress there are some of the famous swinging pendulums. It's astonishing how the work flawlessly even though they are a mechanism so old.

Another cool attraction are the giants operating the fortress itself. One of them is in charge of the boulder mechanism, another great example of something so old but so perfectly working.
Another one operates the gates of the fortress. The peculiar thing about this one is that he awakes only if both the bells of awakening (another pair of great things to see in Lordran) are rung. That's how he starts his shitf!

Last, but not least, if you manage to get to the top of the fortress you'll be rewarded with one of the most beautiful panoramas of all Lordran.
Things to carry
  • A Sport outfit: no high heels!
  • A Estus Flask: that's how you heal the bumps here in Lordran. You kinda have to be undead to use it, though,
  • Some good amount patience
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Things to do
Sen's Fortress crawls with things to do, especially for the active tourists that seeks adventures and sport activities.

Scattered inside the fortress there are many ledges with swinging pendulums. They are great fun for all the family thank to the different difficulties: from the relatively large ledges to the more narrow ones.

The falling boulders are another special source of fun for everyone seeking and active vacation: run around the fortress in a treasure hunt dodging the falling and rolling boulders sent around by the giant.
How to travel
Sen's Fortress is located between the Undead Parish and Anor Londo.

Once it's open (not easy, with the Bell of Awakening thing) the only way to actually travel though it is by feet, running and jumping (and swearing).
Wacky Spores: The Chase screenshot
  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: it helps with the treasure hunt!
  • Some pretty bad scars: if you'll test yourself with the pendulums you may fall!
  • Some new swearing
Gaming Postcards does not ecourage any dangerous behaviour inside Sen's Fortress, especially around swinging pendulums, falling boulders, flaming boulders and giants. Gaming Postcard is not responsible for any damage to things and people.

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Sens Fortress - Dark Souls
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