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Tristram - Diablo
Things to see
The real attraction of Tristram is the cathedral: ancient, dark and deep. Very deep. If you like spooky art that's the first place to take a look at!

The second thing you can't miss is the Tavern of the Rising Sun, held by the good Ogden. Not sure you'll find anyone there, but it look warm from the outside.

The next stop will be the blacksmith, especially if you're in some shopping mood.

If you're feeling in a bit of a casiṇ-like mood instead you can pay Wirt a visit. he's shady but good, trust us!

Still not satisfied? there are witches, healers, strange red holes in the terrain... You choose!
Things to carry
  • Healing potions: Bring some if you venture in the cathedral
  • Gold: that's the currency here, and there's a lot to buy!
  • Cow level: appearently there is no cow level, so bring yours!
Wacky Spores: The Chase screenshot
Things to do
Venturing in the depths of the Tristram cathedral is a must if you like art & action. They say that thing is really deep. Who knows what's at the bottom, maybe hell! Just kidding, we're sure there's just more bones.

Betting gold with Wirt has always been the adventurer's favourite, in addition, and to kill some time you can always click on some cows!
Where to sleep
Tavern of the Rising Sun. You don't need to know more. Just go there and sleep well, it's not like there are skeletons just a few hundred meters away!
Wacky Spores: The Chase screenshot
You can bring home a lot of junk here and there, but there's one thing that will surely catch your attention if you go deep enough in the cathedral: the Soulstone. Especially useful if you live east appearently.
Gaming Postcards doesn't take any responsibility in case holding the Soulstone will bring madness, daemons and ultimate hell on Earth

Tristram - Diablo
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